I write about how Local Service Business owners can build an engaging Utopian World for their customers to inhabit using Endless-Value-Journeys, a strategy that emphasizes delighting dream customers, fostering deep connections and cultivating lifelong relationships. This paradigm shift moves us from reacting to one-off transactional customers to inviting them into our world where our focus is on Lifetime Customer Value. Welcome to the art of building a Purpose Driven Expert business.


The Red Carpet

If you've read the manifesto you'll understand the concept of the red carpet, and how not just anyone can come into my world (or your world).

If you typically get involved with 'price-shoppers' and 'tyre-kickers' who are not invested in your true worth and the gifts you bring to your service...

If you react to every call, chase down every customer, and prioritize every job based on the transactional value in the short term...

I'm sorry but this world is not for you. It won't resonate, you'll kick, scream and complain that 'this is how it's always been done'.

Which reminds me of a saying I read on Seth Godin's blog years ago in which he said, “Motivating the committed outperforms persuading the uncommitted.”

There is no persuasion or manipulation here.

This place is different, and it's going to take some work (shock)...

It's reserved for Experts who wish to have a Purpose Driven business, who want their work to mean something to the people who inhabit their world.

It's not just a philosophy, it's a different way of 'being' than just owning a local service business.

If that is indeed you, welcome, I'm so glad you're here...

I'd like to open the velvet rope and invite you onto the red carpet.

Start creating your world here.

Let's build together,

- Mark